painting stained trim white

painting stained trim whiteIs there a trend to paint interior stained wood trim white?
I painted my trim in my 1970's house which was dark stained, banged up pine to start with, and replaced most wood doors and cabinetry with new wood doors and cabinetry because of the cheapness and disrepair of the original – so a wood / white mix in my home.

white trim vs. wood stained | Forum
I am having a hard time deciding between painted white trim vs. a stained wood trim. We will be building a home in a craftsman design. My hubby is pushing for stained wood because we have two small children and he has had people tell him…

How to Paint Stained Wood Trim White (with Pictures) | eHow
Once sanded, stained wood trim accepts new layers of paint easily. But over time, the stain can seep through the paint. The discoloration is most pronounced if you are using white paint or a very light-colored paint.

Painting vs. Staining Quarter Round & Shoe Molding Trim
The reason for painting the trim white is that a stained quarter round tends to draw the eye to the corner of the floor, instead of framing the floor itself. Stained quarter round on tile floors serve more as a distraction than an accent.

Here's Why You Should Paint Your Interior Wood Trim White
Stained wood trim is common in many older properties in particular, and keeping it just as it is (or staining it yourself, if that's not already been done) is popular as a way of adding But perhaps the most popular choice of all is to simply paint your interior wood trim and moldings in brilliant white.

How to Paint Oak Trim White | Home Guides | SF Gate
Painting oak trim white brightens a room, and requires no additional techniques or tools than painting over any other trim. However it does require an extra step that may not be necessary with pre-painted or plastic trim. Oak must be primed with a stain-blocking primer prior to painting…

Paint or Stain for Interior Trim – Time to Build
The white painted trim makes a crisp contrast with the colored walls in this sitting area. Painted, stained, cherry, oak, pine, maple, primed, synthetic, and more are all options for the material and finish of the interior trim.

Stained wood trim and interior doors-should I paint white?
Hello All-Our home is a one story w/stain wood trim and doors. The kitchen remodel will be a medium stain either cherry or maple wood however I want to have white trim on the baseboard etc. Is it too difficult to paint all the trim including windows and doors?

LiveLoveDIY: How To Paint Trim
Hopefully, now you understand why I think painting trim white has such a huge impact on a home. Priming is necessary because it helps prevent dark wood stain from peeking through white paint, and it keeps your paint from peeling off the wood.

pictures of mixing stained and painted trim | Best Wall Colors…
paint over stained wood trim before & after pictures | … before and after so you can appreciate the beauty of the white trim. Finally another house with stained wood trim! Well done with different ceiling heights to differentiate the open spaces.

Staining Wood Trim | Ana White Woodworking Projects
Now don't get me wrong, I love crisp white painted trim. When it's clean and fresh, white trim can brighten any space. Most of the trim in my house is wood stained. But in a few rooms, I decided to paint the trim high gloss white.

Mixing Painted Wood With Stained
Have you ever thought of painting your crown molding or baseboard white or cream and leaving your doors and windows stained? I have seen quite a few beautiful rooms where both the stained trim and white painted trim are used together

White or stained trim (Pic included) (floors, paint, ceiling, kitchen)…
However, the painter painted these windows white by mistake, which matches all of the other trim in the home. Now, I kind of like the look and am unsure if we should go to the stained look. My question, is white trim or stained trim (which would match the floor)?

Can you have Stained Trim with White Painted Cabinets?
However, you don't want to go overboard with contrast either; in this kitchen, we left the trim stained and painted the cabinets white. Had the trim been darker we probably would have went with more of a cream color for the cabinets.

My Studioffice + Clear Your Clutter Giveaway – In My Own Style
Over the weekend I finally got my studioffice back up and running so I can now function and create in organized bliss. 🙂 I had to paint the stained wood trim white which took some effort. Now that it is complete it is such a nice feeling after months of not having a designated place…

Much Ado About Trim – Attempts at Domestication
If you're painting the trim white and staining the doors and windows dark you need to carry that look through the entire house – again, just my opinion. You guys will figure it out. Once you actually live there it will be easier to envision.

Transforming Trim – White To Rich Bronze…. | Fabulously Finished
Anytime I paint over existing white trim I like to base coat it black first. The rich stained antique bronze trim finishes this room off nicely, don't you think? Check out Kimba's A Soft Place to Land for other great DIY ideas!

Painting Trim White
Painting trim white. Dingy yellowy before when you have a considering. Show you high quality sure. Board and the apr cabinet stain with. . Decorators white complements the baseboard. Baseboard and doors and the considering painting.

Honey Oak Trim – Stain or Paint? – Sometimes Homemade
The big question is, do I try to stain it all just a little darker/warmer with a gel stain or do I paint it white? I'm a fan of darker wood for the most part. I do like the white trim look too though – BUT I'm not planning to actually replace it all, I'm just going to go over the current oak trim.

Rules about paint color for trim | bossy color Annie Elliott Interior Design
My hall, kitchen and dining room are all open and they all have stained wood trim. The bedrooms have all been painted the same color as the walls. I was wondering about maybe painting the trim white in all those rooms.

Why I'm Painting the Wood Trim in My Home – Making it Lovely
Painting the trim white will make me so much happier with the look of my home, and what good is preserving a home's features if those features don't actually make you happy? And, if the trim had been stained when I bought it, I would have painted it.

I see a wood door and I want to paint it white – house painting trim
Given that we prefer white trim we told the painter to paint it white, but are we making a huge mistake? I don't find white trim with wood doors off-putting at all. (It'd be nicer if you stained the doors darker though.) Also I would be careful with shininess of paint here.

Painting Interior Doors, Trim & Walls the Same Color
Is it a decorating mistake to paint window trim white and use white shutters (making the window & shutters one complete window treatment) when I have stained trim in the rest of the room? Painting the rest of trim, baseboards and doors is not an option.

Read this article for options to make painting your oak trim white easier!
Painting Natural Stained Trim White Without An Airless Sprayer – Smooth Finish. Is Sherwin Williams Ovation & Showcase Same As Super Paint & Duration. Cheapest Stain Option – Semi Transparent – Solid Color – Deck Staining.

IHeart Organizing: 169 FINALLY! How to Paint Cabinets & Trim!
So, we snagged up some white paintable caulk: To fix the holes, we just put some caulk on our fingers Great job, but you do really need to sand before painting stained trim…you'll get sooo much nicer of a finish and it will be much more durable.

New Jersey Residential House Home Interior Painting NJ
All trim painted in white semi-gloss enamel. Siding, trim, windows, shutters, door, front and back rail system painted in custom colors. Custom woodwork and trim painted in semi-gloss white enamel. Flooring stained and polyurathaned.

How to prepare previously stained trim / baseboard for painting?
We have a few rooms of dark stained trim, casing, and baseboards that we would like to paint white. I am pretty sure it is oak, I have not seen it to be sure at this time. It has already been taken off the walls so that should make it easier. What is the best way to prepare them for painting?

Combining Stained and Painted Trim
One way to combine stained and painted trim in the same room is to paint the trim a color other than white. You could choose a color for your trim that matches your furnishings and leave the walls white or off-white.

Wood with white trim??? – Woodworking Talk – Woodworkers Forum
I wondering what anyones thoughts are if I was to add a sealer to the window 'as is' with white trim, OR, apply a stain on the window with white trim, OR, paint the window white with white trim and the last OR wood trim finished the same as the…


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